Friday, May 1, 2009

From Spirit. . . For All Seekers of The Light

The Spiritual Journey

Yesterday Leads to Tomorrow.

I started a Spiritual Journey. You may be inclined to ask when, where and how? I would have to answer in all honesty, I can't say exactly. Perhaps it started when I was thirteen and became a Rainbow Girl. I was told about, and experienced, the significance of the rainbow and wondrous events and journeys connected with its colors.

Perhaps it happened when I was much younger and became a Brownie and continued on through Girl Scouts and learned about the connected sisterhood of women.

It might have started when I amazingly gave birth, not once, but three times, each being its own miracle unto itself and allowing me to feel my unity with God. Talk about being Co-creators with God, I cannot think any event of my life helped me understand we are Co-creators with God more than that did.

Perhaps it happened long ago, in another time or another place, what we consider past life. Maybe my Spiritual Journey started there.

When you think about where the Spiritual Journey started, you naturally wonder about its ending.

Yet that was yesterday, and yesterday leads to tomorrow.

Today I know, the Spiritual Journey is never ceasing, because there is no beginning nor an end. I also know, during the journey, significant events happen for the sole purpose of reminding us all levels of life, no matter where we are experiencing it, or what form we are in, the whole of life is a Mystical Spiritual Journey through all levels and comprehension of Spiritual Light and Love. It is how we as individuals internalize and comprehend the journey that determines its quality and texture. The internalized quality and texture make the fabric of our lives. Our fabric ranges from the coarse gauze like substance to the finest silk. The different weaves of the fabric signify the change in the course of our lives. The courses of our lives although significant are simple.

The simple event of a Spiritual reading and attending Spiritual Unfoldment Classes were life altering experiences for me, yet it was destined to happen. These events changed the course of my life so totally and continued the flow and brought me to here . . . a web-site somewhere in cyber space emanating forth vibrations attracting you to see what I have to offer you.

Well I don't have much . . . well perhaps I do . . . I don't pretend to have answers to all the mysteries of life. What I do have, is a documented account of my Spiritual Journey I began to recognize in April of 1979 with a very simple Spiritual reading opening all the seemingly closed doors for me expanding through three decades and continuing into the new millennium. Yet the Journey has been happening and will continue forever.

This journey is unique, yet not different from other peoples journeys. I also have experienced the same apprehension, frustrations, yearnings and desires all Light workers have experienced. I also have floundered around wondering what it all means, how my journey has affected me, and others around me. I have also asked when did this start, will it end, and what happened to make me recognize it now instead of before? Why me God? Did I ask for this? Did I earn this? Is this really a gift? Can I give it back? What do I do with this? What is the function of my gifts, and the channeled material brought forth through my journey?

Well again, I don't have all the answers, but what I have figured out is I am one spoke in the wheel of Spiritual progression in this age of Spiritual enlightenment. Today through the miraculous connection of the Internet and cyber space all the Light workers of the world have the very real opportunity to connect and converge all in one place to bring forth the individual yet a united message of enlightenment. Each spoke in the wheel of Spiritual progress has an important plan, place, and function. A higher Divine force of Enlightenment puts each spoke in place completing the wheel.

So this is what I offer you, a glimpse of my spoke of the wheel with a sincere prayer my journey will complement your journey, and our simultaneous journeys will converge somewhere in the pathway.

In Light and Love,

Jeannette Meek