Friday, January 2, 2015

Spiritual Unfoldment Class
Fee $30 Per Class
Live Streamed via Skype

Spiritual Unfoldment is an ongoing class, there is no beginning or end, because there is no beginning or end to life itself. The following outline represents the four levels of Unfoldment. Although they are listed as single descriptions, they all support each other and one level does not work well without the other.

Psychic study is a development of the subconscious regions of the mind to a conscious working capacity. This includes study and comprehension of abilities such as reading minds, seeing auras or seeing events before they take place.

Spiritual development is the cultivation of the conscious mind to process familiar information in a new light. It is a process of restructuring thought and thinking to include Spiritual aspects of self to come to the fore of the conscious mind.

Spiritual Unfoldment is the ability to come to realization, and use the realization automatically in a natural rhythm and flow. This is called demonstration.

Mediumship is the ability of "quickening the Spirit within" to connect with higher planes of the Spiritual spheres Spiritual Unfoldment is not a process that purposely forces you to change your personality and drastically overhaul your life in every aspect. When you do something without the realization, all

your doing is trading off limits and restriction. You are blocking and restricting yourself further, and creating new fixations within your life, which obviously is not development at all. Spiritual

Unfoldment allows you to peel back the restrictions physical development has layered over your Spiritual aspects of minds function revealing your Spiritual self in new light. Spiritual Unfoldment is the forerunner of Mediumship and Spirit communication.

The common denominators of any level of self development programs is meditation, and psychic self protection.

Spiritual Unfoldment is individual because it covers a broad range of study, everyone develops areas of psychic skills and unfolds levels of Mediumship at their own pace. Because development is individually unique, there are no judges or measures for you to go by. The only person you can compare yourself to is yourself.

Spiritual Unfoldment class
Time 8pm. Eastern Standard time