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Thoughts From My notebook

JUNE 27, 1990 11:02

SPIRIT: We are here. What do you wish to address?

RESPONSE: I suppose Global warming and the problems with the ozone layer.

SPIRIT RESPONSE: Yes, global warming is a problem to man right now. With the ozone being destroyed at the rate it is going, you, Man, feel that he will literally cook himself to death. This could happen, but it is unlikely that it will happen. Your Scientists are finding out that you can make ozone "in a test tube," which will help them to understand what affects it - but more importantly how your chemical substances affects it. Once this is clearly understood, you can alter your chemical formulas to help the ozone.

Man is not willing to give up his connivance, therefore the scientific community has to help man protect himself from his conveniences.

Food supplies are being altered - New seeds have to be developed to withstand the temperature as well as adapt to the new word climatic zones. Each Countries' individual climatic zones will always have to grow a certain percent of its own foods - it has to be - everything cannot be imported - and at that rate, who will be the exporters.

This is a natural rotation of earth energy pattern - climate helps to preserve, replenish and rejuvenate certain areas. As climatic zones shift, so does the harvest potentiality of the areas in question.

Excerpt From Class Transcript

OCTOBER 12, 1989

SPIRIT: Do we have another question?

KEN: since no one has a Spiritual question, I have one. About focal points of energy on the earth, there is supposed to be some type of coming, like say a hurcima, shall we say lay lines, this type of thing.

SPIRIT: That is a natural evolution and a natural process of the earth. It is not anything miraculous.

KEN: No, but we seem to have lost much knowledge of this compared to what they had a thousand years ago say.

SPIRIT: Well, you know, evolution is a funny process. To progress within modern times, means giving up something, and unfortunately, you trade knowledge for knowledge. Do you understand what we mean by that?

KEN: Yes. I don't know why that would be.

SPIRIT: Well because you think that the old way becomes obsolete, and you want to be a "modern man" so to speak. Sometimes it's good to let go of the old, it really is, in some ways there are certain parts of the old that you should keep.

That is what your anthropologist search for, you know, is the connections between the generations of men. The connections between the generations of man is technology. The use of technology advances man, but the principle of technology stays the same. Because man bends the principles of technology, they leave information behind. That is what the anthropologists are searching for, the missing links of technology, that is primarily what their drive is, shall we say.

KEN: What were these energies used for within the ancient civilizations?

SPIRIT: It gave more fertile ground to grow their food. It was a natural place, where negativism didn't abide. It was an uplifting place. These places still exist. You see, your putting a mystical meaning to it, and it's not at all mystical. It is a natural propensity to the earth to have these highs and lows. You can go into one neighborhood and say, Oh God, I don't want to be here. Do you understand?

KEN: Yes.

SPIRIT: And you go into another and you say ah, I'd really love to build a house here, because it's peaceful and it's quiet. It's the same thing, except man lived a little differently in those times. They were able to tap into those energy resources, and use them to keep their enlightenment.

KEN: Your talking big areas. My conception of like a lay line would be something that would be maybe five or six feet wide and go in a grid pattern across the earth.

SPIRIT: That is the energy of the earth. It's what keeps you alive.

KEN: A meridian.

SPIRIT: Yes, but it keeps you alive, you see. It's like the circulatory system. Its veins, it's the life pumping through, its mother earths' blood flow system.

Excerpts from a Teaching Seance at The Camp Fire

Concerns About Earth

July 5, 1988

SANDY: How is mother earth coming along?

SPIRIT: Mother Earth is doing quite well in some areas, and in other areas she needs prayers. She needs love and she needs guidance. If the material beings of your plane would band yourself together, and daily send a thought of love to the planet you call Earth, she could become healed.

Do we have another question?

CANDY: How is the ozone situation?

SPIRIT: The ozone situation is not as bad as the scientists of your planet would have you to believe. It is not good by any means. By and through the work of other circles, or other organizations concerned with ecology, the ozone layer is beginning to heal.

LARRY: Should we be overly concerned about the drought and . . .

SPIRIT: No, not really, because well, you know, the drought that is happening in America is a Metaphysical teaching tool. Many children that incarnate into the material planes, the children that started incarnation about 65 to 1970, these souls are of Lumeria.

Many of these souls carry with them the vibration of agriculture, they are farmers. As they mature within the material plane, moving toward adulthood, and become more aware of the problems of their environment, they are naturally being drawn back to their innate interest in agriculture. As they tap into this innate knowledge of their souls, they are going to come up with some pretty unique ideas on how to grow your food, things of that nature, in a more effective way. You have already seen evidence of this type of advanced technology in agriculture at the Epcot Center at Disney World. This is reminiscent of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

As far as the drought is concerned, well that always has been a world problem, there has always been a drought somewhere on the earth plane, but it always rights itself, it takes care of itself some way or other. Faith in God, through prayer, things of that nature. The drought that is going on right now in your country is not going to be particularity bad, it is hurting the farmers a lot, but we don't see Americans starving to death because of it.

Of course your water supply is a recycling process, it evaporates into the atmosphere, and reenters through rain etc. But with the air pollution problems you are creating acid rain, which in turn is devastating your forests and fertile growth areas, so you have created a self-perpetuating cycle that does not help your planet rejuvenate itself through its usual methods.

The things that men do alters the ecology. This forces your ecology to alter itself to help itself. If you're not careful mother earth may have to give up producing her offspring so she can right her ecological system. Bear in mind that her offspring is man.

LARRY: We have another serious problem with pollution and the dumping of garbage and hazardous material.

SPIRIT: There are always the ecologists, and they are always going to fight for those situations to be righted. There are always people that are going to break those laws, but until the people learn that they have to be responsible, it's not going to get much better.

For eons of time, water pollution has been a major problem anyway. Man, as a race, tend to think if it is moving its going to take care of itself, it will flush itself out. Of course, over many centuries of time men have learned differently, or you think that they have learned differently, but they haven't at all.

Your garbage is much more sophisticated today than it has been in times past, so we can't really speculate how you are going to clean that mess up. We really can't begin to speculate. The first step, is to stop doing it, of course, that is what the ecologists keep saying, and the offenders don't stop doing it. So we can't really speculate too much about that.

LYNN: Why is it that other countries don't seem to have a pollution problem as much as we do?

SPIRIT: Oh, of course they do, in some places in the world pollution worse than here.

LARRY: Have there been any resent examples where a group of people on the earth plane have collectively brought about some sort of world wide change, through the power of positive thinking or Spiritual thought or. . .

SPIRIT: There are many changes that have happened within the material planes as the result of collective groups sending out their energy, their positive energy. We really can't sight a single incident, because they happen on a small level. Realize that there is change, every change makes vibration, and as that change comes together it meets a level. All like vibration coalesces and comes together. Very subtly the groups that are sending out the positive prayers, that vibration that is coming together is beginning to permeate the beings of the world. So, yes there has been some very real change, but very subtle, very gentle.

Many of your ecologists have done an awful lot of work to make the populace at large aware of just important nature is, how beautiful nature is also. How important it is to your survival, because if nature dies, if nature truly dies, then the world dies, you see. So they have done a lot, in very subtle ways, they have made much noise, and the progress has been very slow. They are beginning to get key people in key places to pay attention to them, and begin to realize just how important nature is, and that you really must take care of it. So yes things are happening, things are very really happening.

LARRY: If one is to continue their thought of free will, and to expand that, they can do essentially whatever they want, then why should one be concerned about the nature or the ecology.

SPIRIT: Because, if that dies, you die. Then you have no place to live, at least on this plane anyway.

LARRY: Would not your free will prevent that then from happening?

SPIRIT: No, not you as an individual, as one. That would take a lot of work, you have to agree in accord to effect any change, to preserve.

And you cannot change things simply because you will it, you have to use your power of dominion to make those types of changes.

LARRY: Thank-you Spirit.

Do we have a question?

LYNN: Is there any way that we can help the acid rain problem here in the states?

SPIRIT: The acid rain problem is a terrible problem. It can be helped through prayer.

LARRY: I have another question. Much has been written and said about the so-called shift of the axis toward the latter part of this century.

SPIRIT: Well, it's already happening, but its happening slowly. With the shift of the axis . . . everybody thinks that its going to happen quickly without warning, and zap it will be done. That is not exactly what is happening. It is happening slowly and your coast lines are naturally going to change. Your weather patterns have already changed. You have been aware of this for a good ten years.

LARRY: Should we be concerned?

SPIRIT: it's a natural propensity, it happens every 2,500 years or so. It's just that some axis shifts have been more violent than others. You have heard reports about the ocean is going suddenly flood out cities and things like that. Well that might happen, but it's not going to happen to the proportion that it has been written about. You are going to loose a lot of your coastal areas. You're going to find that you will have new coastal areas. But, that is already happening. Anybody that owns beach front property is loosing beach front property. Its happening, oh we don't know the precise rate. They are loosing almost a couple of feet almost every year.

LARRY: Would it be wise not to live near the coast? Specifically in California?

SPIRIT: No, are you worried about yourself being out there?

LARRY: No, I'm not worried.

SPIRIT: Well you know crazy things have been happening because of the shift, volcanos erupting, earthquakes and things like that, but no, we don't see any real danger, because you have a higher order, and your higher order is going to put you where you are supposed to be. You may find some unusual storms coming up out to sea. Things that are going to crop up suddenly that weren't on the weather pattern. But, we don't see any big problem.

LARRY: Thank-you.

LYNN: Could you tell me what will happen to the U.S. with the problem with radiation that we have?

SPIRIT: This is very difficult to speculate, because science plays some dangerous games. They do not particularly balance out formulas. If they continue their work, they would find that they have the means to neutralize what they are creating, but they do not take the math far enough. So, that is very hard to speculate, it depends on the minds that play the games.

Of course, many scientific discoveries are used for the wrong purposes, which adds to the devastation.

LYNN: The same as in politics.

SPIRIT: It's all political, dear, it's all political. Look at the star wars race. If the politicians put as much energy to world peace as they do to the star wars race and the need to defend themselves, you could do much move to advance your technology and save your planet from destruction. The destruction that does happen, takes place inside each country, not from outside influences of other nations. The destruction takes place because each country wants to defend themselves from the influences of other nations.

That hasn't worked either. You find the influence of the western culture spreading through Europe and the Eastern cultures. This only proves that people are people, there is no difference. They all want the same things, a quality of life that expresses an openness and honesty. If political arenas focused on that equality, then there would be little need for your weaponry.

LYNN: Can you tell me how long the U.S. will exist as we know it? If it will get better or worse?

SPIRIT: It changes every day, you just are not particularly aware of the changes because you live your daily lives. You take it one day at a time. If you really watched the world events, and keep up with current events, and stick your nose in around the White House, and into congress, you would find out that the America that you think, and know and love changes daily.

Progression Of Man Of The Material Planes

Excerpt From Class Transcript

Date: February 22, 1990
KEN: I am concerned about the over population of the Earth.

SPIRIT: The earth is not overpopulated.

KEN: Well the population level, isn't it kind of . . . Dominating . . . destroying the animal life forms and vegetation . . . beyond a certain point . . . that is not acceptable?

(Spirit was shaking my head no all the time he was talking.)

SPIRIT: Not really. You have the same amount of people now in your earth plane that you have always had. The people are using the land incorrectly. It's not the numbers of the people, it's the use of the land that is being abused.

You know, evolution has to happen, and technology has to happen, but you people use your technology in the wrong direction, in wrong ways. You have allowed technology to override the respect of the land.

BOB: If I hear you correctly, we have as many people on the earth as physical beings as we have always had?

SPIRIT: That is correct.

BOB: That wouldn't go with what I have read and heard about the number of people. The so-called body count of the people in this country and other countries, and they estimate so many people in the world at a certain point in history and they seem to differ a grate deal.

SPIRIT: Well of course that information differs. Who took their census? What about all the Africans, and all the Australians, and all the people in Brazil who live in the outback in the so-called uncivilized world. Who counted them?

BOB: Beats me.

SPIRIT: So there has always been the same amount of people. Give or take a couple of hundred thousand.

BOB: There are three and a half billion people on earth today and there were that many 5,000 years ago?

SPIRIT: That is correct. Exactly right.

BOB: I don't know if I want to believe that.

SPIRIT: You can believe or disbelieve that information, as you wish, that does not change the facts. What do you think the Vikings found when they came to America?

BOB: Probably Indians I suppose.

SPIRIT: And do you know how many Indians lived in this country?

BOB: No, I don't.

SPIRIT: There where well over 650 million, that man knows about, there are many more that were never counted.

BOB: I find that very difficult to believe that we are the same number of people on the earth. We live longer, at least that is what they say.

SPIRIT: Hum, check history. That is poppycock too.

BOB: They haven't had the longevity in the past.

SPIRIT: Oh, baloney.

BOB: What?

SPIRIT: How old do you thin that George Washington was when he died?

BOB: I really don't know.

KEN: He was 68 or something like that.

SPIRIT: He was close to 90.

COLLEEN: I got 90.

SPIRIT: And Benjamin Franklin.

BOB: Oh, I didn't say the people didn't live long . . .

SPIRIT: Check your history. You will be amazed at the longevity of past man. Beyond that, much of your history is not accurate. You can't believe everything you read, it's not all accurate.

BOB: I'm sure that is not all . . .

SPIRIT: We are not trying to argue with you, we are trying to explain that you only have your material resources to go by, and your material resources are not always accurate. They are just not always accurate.

As material man of the earth plane evolve, you tend to keep more records. You get to be better record keepers, that is part of the evolution, but to what end are you keeping all those records. Do you understand what we are trying to tell you?

BOB: Yes.

SPIRIT: And in the process of mind bogging nothings of keeping your records, you have lost respect for your earth, you have lost respect for your ecology, for so much that is so important. So now you think that know how many people live in the earth. Big deal, so you think you know something that you never knew before. But, from an ecology stand point, how well do you live? What is more important taking care of the Earth, or knowing how many people live here?

BOB: Taking care of the Earth.

SPIRIT: That is what we think. That is the way . . .

BOB: That doesn't mean that knowing the numbers is wrong either.

SPIRIT: No, it doesn't mean that, it doesn't mean that at all. What we exactly mean to say is; what difference does it make, or what good does it do to try to know how many people that live in the Earth, something that you have never had an accurate accounting of anyway, and probably never will, when you are all abusing your planet?

BOB: Well!

SPIRIT: Can't answer that, can you?

BOB: Well, I'm thinking of, the different thought process are going on here . . .

SPIRIT: There is nothing to think about, because it will be if you abuse your planet enough, nobody will be able to live here.

BOB: I think it would be less harmful to the earth with one billion people living in it than four or five billion if they were all doing the same kinds of things.

SPIRIT: Oh, no, no, no, you don't understand. The earth itself is a life giver, she is a mother, She is your mother, you are made of the dust of her ground. She nurtures her people, she nurtures everything, she nurtures you, and . . .

BOB: Can we not destroy her if we wanted to?

SPIRIT: Can you not destroy her? You are destroying her! She cries always, please take care of me, I'm dying. Do you listen?
Do you hear her cry?

BOB: Not in one way, but I do in another, I agree with ecology, and not destroying what we have got here. It is what is going to keep us alive.

SPIRIT: You still do not understand. She is your life, she is what gives you life, not what keeps you alive. You do not live on her, you live within her, nestled within her womb, drawing your life energy and support from her. Without her, you cannot exist.

KEN: Is she going to take steps to rectify the situation?

SPIRIT: Is mother Earth going to take steps . . . She tries always, but there are too many abuses and there are not enough people who listen.

JO-ANN: It is up to us to teach our children, it is up to us to change. We are the only ones who can save mother earth.

KEN: I was thinking more in terms of drastic earth changes.

SPIRIT: There are drastic earth changes going on, those are natural propensities, the shift of the axis and things of that nature. It is not a natural propensity to destroy your rain forests, to create acid rain, smog and air pollution, what is natural about that? To throw sewerage into your water ways, what is natural about that? To clog up your oceans with plastics and all kinds of things, what is natural about that?

The shifting of the axis is what you think a dramatic change, but it is not at all. Your oceans act as preservatives of that land, of that land mass. Every time the earth changes you have new fresh clean land. You are polluting your oceans, so how new, and fresh and clean is that land going to be?

BOB: We haven't done a very good job.

SPIRIT: No, you haven't. We agree with you, that doesn't help the problem though. The time has come to be aware, and for everybody to do their part. That is a whole other lecture. We have time for another question.

BOB: Will we do it, will we take care of the earth, or will we destroy it?

SPIRIT: We cannot answer that, that is up to you.

September 28, 1990. It has been discovered that the census taken this year is inaccurate. Whole neighborhoods in key cities of the U.S. were never counted. Other communities counted as many as five times. Some neighborhoods every third household were counted, and at that they were counted twice. So perhaps we are not as good record keepers as Spirit tried to indicate.